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Spring Term

Welcome to Science Club!!  We will be keeping you updated on all of the exciting experiments and new facts we learn in Science Club this term with photos and videos to add to the electric atmosphere on a Thursday after school.

I look forward to seeing you back here soon frown

Mrs Cleary-King

(Science Subject Leader)




As an introduction to the club we watched some videos to see what kinds of experiments we would like to do.  Once the children had made a list for me to look through we went outside and made a soda shoot.  We added mentos to coke to see what would happen and the coke exploded.  It was amazing fun! 


The Science behind this is ... fizzy drinks contain dissolved carbon gas, which is what makes them fizzy.  Microscopic pits on the surfaces of the mints provide nucleation sites for the carbon gas bubbles to form much more quickly than normal.  So many bubbles form very quickly and the drink jets out of the bottle.




This week we made slime.  It was rather messy, we added corn flour to water and food colouring, when we pushed it, it was hard but it looked like a liquid!  It was very strange!


The Science behind it: It is made of polymers, these are simple molecules called monomers and they are arranged in long chains.  When these chains are stretched the liquid flows out but if you apply pressure the chains stick together making it behave like a solid.



Week 3


This week we explored all of the electrical equipment, we made circuits where the bulbs lit up.  We created motors, parallel circuits and series circuits and some of us even tried to draw what our circuit looked like using accurate circuit symbols.



Week 4


This week we made fizzy fountains.  We added water to oil and a little food colouring then we dropped in an effervescent tablet.  We were extremely excited to see the bubbles rise through the oil.


Now for the Science ... When the tablets start to dissolve in the water, they begin to fizz.  This CO2 gas forms the bubbles that rise up through the bottle.  Water is more dense than oil, but when the bubbles attach themselves to the water, the bubbles and water are less dense than the oil, so they float upwards.  At the top the bubbles pop and the blobs of water sink back down again!!



Science Videos

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Fizzy Fountain
On Saturday 18th November 2017, Vigo Primary School Choir were invited to sing at St Mary's Church Christmas Fete. 
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Right Shape