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Biscuit Bear

The summer term begins with us meeting the delightful character of Biscuit Bear, brought to life by the book by Mini Grey.  Poor Biscuit Bear overcomes many dangers in Horace's home to avoid becoming a tasty treat as we read and enjoy this story together before being inspired to write our own narrative adventures for a food based character.  We have already used our skills in cooking  (and maths to weigh and measure ingredients) to make our own little Biscuit Bears. I wonder how safe Biscuit Bear with our children?


As the term progresses we will look at non-fiction recipe books to find inspiration for our own kitchen creations and bring these to life in our own stories to entertain other young readers.  We will also have the opportunity to create procedural texts to instruct adults on how to make bear shaped biscuits at home.

Key Texts

This term our reading and writing is inspired by the books Biscuit Bear by Mini Grey and Annalees Lim's 10 Minute No Bake Makes recipe book.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Left Shape
Right Shape