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Book Review

This term our key text is Biscuit Bear by Mini Grey.  Do you remember reading another of Mini Grey's books, Traction Man, in the autumn term? She has written lots of other books too.  Take a look in the local library to see if you can spot any other books by Mini Grey and write a review of this.  Alternatively choose a book that interests you or you think is similar to the ones we have read in class somehow, maybe they too have a bear character.  You can use the book review template at the bottom of this page or create your own - it would be great to display these in our class book corners.

Following Instructions

Much of our work this half term links to following and writing instructions.  What can you find around the home that uses instructions?  Perhaps there is some flat-pack furniture that needs building or a cake recipe to follow?  Read these together and notice similarities and differences between different types of instruction and procedural texts.


You might like to write your own sets of instructions too. Here are just a few ideas of things you could write (or give verbally) instructions for:


  • How to walk to school, the local park or some other familiar journey
  • Daily activities and routines like brushing your teeth, getting dressed or making the bed.
  • How to make a daisy chain, draw a simple picture or tie shoelaces
  • If you're lucky enough to do some gardening you could write instructions on how to plant and care for a seed, this also links to our science topic this term.


Don't forget to bring in any writing that you've done at home to show us. We love to see how you are using the skills you're learning at school.

Spelling and Vocabulary Games


  • I-spy games: change this up from the traditional version by spying things using their initial sounds, e.g. 'ch' for church.  Add a greater challenge by spying something that includes the sound 'or' in it (fork, corn, horse)
  • Practise spelling words through messy play, children can trace their spelling or topic words in trays of sand, flour or even gloop (cornflour and water mixture). Akternatively make letters and words using playdough or with lego bricks.
  • As the season changes to the warmer weather encourage the children to think about what they can see, hear, feel, smell and record these on a fishbone diagram (printable resource below). You could challenge the children to improve their words, for example they might improve 'pretty' flowers to beautiful, pleasant, delightful or attractive.
  • Practise the spelling homework everyday (spelling word lists can be found here). Challenge children to think of other words not listed that fit that week's spelling pattern rule
  • Spelling tennis - take it in turns to spell words giving only one letter at a time.  This is a great game to play on the walk to school each day
  • Letter hunt - another great game to play on the walk to school! Choose a word to 'hunt' for, for example from the Year 2 word lists, i.e. 'children'.  On the walk look for objects that begin with each letter in order until you have found all the letters to spell the word. Remember to do them in order: C= church, H=houses, I=ice-cream van, L=lorry, D=daffodils, R=red lights, E=ears, N=nest
  • Word trumps - think of a simple word, for example 'big' invite your child to 'trump' this word, for example with large. Then it's the next persons turn to trump and so on (huge, enormous, massive, gigantic, etc.) The winner is the last person to think of an imrpoved word to trump the previous player.

Printable Resources for Home Learning

Left Shape
Right Shape