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Hampshire School menu


The Hampshire School menu is changed every Easter and October half term. The menu is nut free and consists of a daily meat or vegetarian option as well as a third option of a jacket potato.

The current meal price at Vigo Primary is £2.15 per day and rotates on a three weekly basis.


Week 1 meals - 24/04/17, 15/05/17, 12/06/17, 3/07/17, 24/07/17, 18/09/17 and 9/10/17

Week 2 meals - 2/05/17, 22/05/17, 19/06/17, 10/07/17, 04/09/17, 25/09/17 and 16/10/17

Week 3 meals - 08/05/17, 05/06/17, 26/06/17, 17/07/17, 11/09/17 and 02/10/17

Pictures can be found on the Hampshire County Council website HERE!


There will be a change to the menu on 3rd July 2017.

Instead of Spaghetti bolognaise, red option will be Pork sausages and mash potatoes.

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