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Speech and Language Resource Provision

The Rainforest Speech and Language Resourced Provision

Vigo Primary School has a Resourced Provision for up to 12 children with significant Speech, Language and Communication Needs. Mrs Neale is the Resourced Provision Manager. She is the specialist teacher for the children and has additional qualifications in meeting the needs of children with SLCN. Mrs Taylor is the Resourced Provision LSA and she works with the children on their daily Speech and Language Therapy programmes.

The Local Education Authority decide which children should attend the Resourced Provision so some children travel into Vigo by taxi each morning. All children have an EHCP which states that Speech and Language is the primary area of need.

We have a lovely classroom base called The Rainforest. Children attend the Rainforest for their English lessons and also for language development work. Vigo has a very inclusive ethos and believes that all children should be able to benefit from having the RP expertise within school. Therefore, children from the mainstream classes are able to join these group to support their language and learning skills if appropriate.