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Year 2 Spelling


Children in Year 2 are expected to be able to apply their knowlege of phonics to help them spell new and unfamiliar words.  In addition to this there are words that we use very often in writing but that cannot be spelt using usual phonic strategies. These are often called 'tricky' or 'common exception' words. Each week children are taught a new spelling pattern or rule that will help them to improve their spelling accuracy. Once taught, children are expected to be able to apply this rule to their writing.  You ca find a list of all the spelling patterns taught so far this year using the links below.



At Vigo Primary School we encourage all children to use continuous cursive script (joined up handwriting with lead-ins and slip-aways).  The benefits of learning cursive from an early age are not simply limited to neat presentation but can also support children's fluency in spelling and stamina for writing.


In order to meet the national expectations for handwriting at the end of KS1 children must be able to form letters correctly and in the correct orientation.  Upper case letters should be of a relative size to lower case letters, as should finger spaces.


Pencil grip is important and you may find that your child needs a specialist grip or a softer grade of pencil to enable them to demonstrate their handwriting skills. Please speak to your child's class teacher if you would like to discuss ways to support improving handwriting further.

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