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Year 1 – Lime, Cherry and Apricot

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Welcome to Year 1 - Lime, Cherry and Apricot Class!


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What's Coming Up in Year 1?


Here's what's new over the coming weeks:


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Half term is nearly upon us, check the link for acitvities if you're looking for something fun to do with your children during the break

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All aboard for our upcoming trip to the HMS Victory, Portsmouth

June 22nd


If you'd like to volunteer to help out on our trip to Portsmouth please do get in touch with the school as we will be glad to have an extra pair of hands on deck.

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Just a reminder to all children to be diligent in changing their home reading books. Remember Children, you only have to change your book in the morning if it has been read at home, if not, keep the previous day's book and be sure to take it home again to enjoy reading with an adult at home


PE Kits

Now that summer term is under way, children are reminded to have the following items in their PE kits

  • shorts
  • active footwear
  • socks
  • t-shirt

The Summer term so far

We really enjoyed spring term


Take a look back at everything we did

Science Day


“Mum, Dad, why is the sky blue? Why do rainbows only come out when it’s raining?”. Children can ask some fascinating and challenging questions, it is with science that we, their parents, teachers, mentors and guides, can answer some of these burning questions. On Friday, February 10th, Vigo Primary school hosted Science day, an entire day of interactive experiments exploring the laws of nature; forces, chemical reactions, bacteria, DNA and light were amongst the many phenomena we looked at on this special day. Parents were welcomed to the school and joined the children as they conducted the day’s experiments. Vigo was also joined by two scientists from Southampton University who came to answer questions and also gave a captivating talk about our gut microbiome.


The day began with the Children all heading off into mixed teams named after notable scientists; Einstein, Peakes, Newton, Darwin, Curie, Edison- with the teams all eager to find out what the day was about, they went to different ‘laboratories’ to conduct their first experiments. Some students looked at the propulsion provided by the rapid release of air from a balloon, an experiment which undoubtedly cemented the children’s affections for colourful balloons. Over in Lime class, Miss Stillman demonstrated a chemical reaction using Alka-Seltzer tablets, the carbon dioxide reacting with the water sure did make neat lava lamps as it bubbled around the bottle.


As the day went on, our guest speakers from the University went from class to class answering questions and talking to everyone about science. The children really demonstrated some deep thinking on this topic by asking meaningful questions: “Is evolution anything to do with mutation?” a question that our guest speaker was particularly impressed by. It was great to see this level of thought and interest in science, it is truly at the essence of days like this and Vigo was proud to see the children engaging with science in this way, with this particular budding young scientist receiving a personal handshake from our visiting scientist for his intelligent and thoughtful questioning.  


As lunchtime came round, the children excitedly approached staff and parents alike telling of things they had learnt, showing them lava lamps, giggling at our genetic similarities to chimpanzees and bananas.

Following lunch, the children attended their final experiments for the day; the remaining children got to make plasticine models of bacteria and learned of how some bacteria were good for us, whilst others bad. Other children explored light and attempted to split white light into its constituent colours with the use of torches and glasses of water, thirsty work.


As the day went on, the children brimming with knowledge, plasticine and gooey lava lamp mixtures, Vigo Primary came together for a whole school assembly. Our guest speakers gave a fascinating talk exploring cutting edge research of how faecal matter can be transplanted from a healthy donor into a patient to aid them in restoring helpful gut flora to their digestive systems. Any interested parents can explore this research further as its findings on gut bacteria and diet are enthralling and have implications for how we think about the diet we give ourselves and our children, click the link for more information:


Here at Vigo Primary School, we aim to nurture independence, exploration and teamwork in the children and through teaching and inspiring in them an interest in science conducted alongside their peers, we can ensure that they develop a keen eye for how things work, for being able to think critically, to reason using logic, and to enjoy and marvel at the intricacies of nature whilst having fun with their friends. Science day was planned and executed by Vigo Primary School’s science lead, Mrs Cleary-King, we were all blown away by her efforts and she could well be responsible for several children returning from school that day with an invigorated passion for science, thank you, Mrs Cleary-King! We at year 1 apologise in advance for Birthday and Christmas lists populated with urgent requests for white coats, microscopes and petri dishes : ) As half term approaches, why not continue to inspire your child’s interest in science with these fun experiments that can be done at home with objects found around the house?

Picture 1 Bacteria sure are colourful!
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