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Maths: Capacity and Weight

The children have been learning how to measure capacity, volume and weight using a variety of different apparatus and tools. Each child had the chance to complete the four measurement tasks which consisted of measuring the volume of water, the weight of different objects, estimating the weight of food products. We looked at the different language associated with measure including: grams, kilograms, millilitres, litres, centimetres, millimetres and metres. We have also been comparing these different measures using < > = (greater than, less than and equal to symbols).

Open Box Theatre- Roald Dahl

Today year 2 had a visit from the Open Box Theatre Company. Open box focused around the life of Roald Dahl and his famous book Charlie and the chocolate factory which is also the children’s classroom topic for this half term. The children learnt about the life of the main characters within the story as well as re-enacting their joy as they discovered their golden tickets!


The children really enjoyed learning more about the life of Roald Dahl and playing the roles of Charlie and the other golden ticket winners.

World Book Day

Today children from year two took part in world book day, each child dressed up as a character from their favourite book. A fun day was had by all with children talking about their favourite books as well as taking part in a costume fashion show.

Hampshire Fire and Rescure Vist  

Year 2 recently had a visit from the Hampshire fire and rescue service. During the visit the children learnt about the different equipment that is used by a fire fighter during an emergency call. The fire service kindly demonstrated their emergency procedure from start to finish.


Later that day the children were given the opportunity to interact with the fire engine, they dressed up in fire fighter equipment and used the fire hose to knock over metal targets. Inside the classroom groups of children learnt about road and fire awareness as well as sharing a story with one of the fire fighters. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt a lot about fire awareness.

The Great Fire of London

Our great fire of London experience


Year 2 are investigating the events that took place during the great fire of London. They built 17th century houses to represent the streets of London on the 2nd September 1666. We then recreated that awful night when London burned!

The great fire of Vigo!

Still image for this video
How our model London Burnt
Left Shape
Right Shape