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Year 3 – Ash and Oak

Welcome to Year 3


Ash and Oak Class!


Meet the team...


Oak Class Teacher 

Mrs Wright 


Ash Class Teacher 

Dr Huggins 



Miss Waite 

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Mallon 

This week in English we have been writing and editing our own chapters of the Roman beanfeast to replace the ones that had gone missing. Later in the week we will be making our own books with these new chapters in.  


In Maths this week we have been looking at using our maths functions to work out worded problems. We have been looking at division, multiplying, addition and subtracting. Some of our worded problems were extra tricky as they were two step problems.




Next week we will be looking at:



We will continue to look at the Roman beanfeast and start to think abut how we could write our own chapters for the story. We willl be looking at fronted adverbials and how we can extend our sentences.




We will be looking at time and how to be more accurate with our reading of time and how to compare the lenghts of events like school or eating dinner down to minutes and seconds.



Guided reading,

We are going to be looking at how we can infer feelings and emotions from a text. We are also going to look at re-cappping what we read from each session.



Our topic for this term and next is the Romans. We are linking it with all our other subjects to help us to get a better understanding of the Romans and how they have helped us.

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