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Year 3

Year 3 Information for 2016-2017

  • Staff in Year 3:



          Miss Morton                Miss Chorley               Miss Dearden             Miss Blunden          Mrs Douthwaite

         Ash Class Teacher            Oak Class Teacher                Year 3 LSA                    Year 3 LSA                   Year 3 LSA

Mrs Weymouth will also be working with us each morning.


  • PE:

    All children will need to bring in appropriate shorts and t-shirt as well as suitable plimsolls and/or trainers. Children may also bring in their PE bag, jogging bottoms and a jumper as we will still go outside in cold weather. We would also suggest putting a spare pair of socks in the PE bag, especially if your child often wears tights.

    PE bags need to be brought in on a Monday morning and taken home on a Friday afternoon.

  • Homework info:

    Homework will be sent home on a Friday and expected back in on a Wednesday. If homework is not done and returned by Wednesday morning, children will be expected to attend a lunchtime homework session to complete their homework. Homework will alternate each week between English and maths.

    Homework will normally be linked to what we are doing/have done in class, so the children should be able to complete it independently. If you have any queries please feel free to speak to or email your class teacher.

    Handwriting practice will also be sent home weekly.

  • Spellings:

    Spellings will be sent home each week on a Wednesday and children will then be tested on a Monday. Children will receive 10 spellings each week and we expect these to be practised each day at home. Children who get 10 out of 10 or improve on their score from the previous week will get a team point and a sticker.

  • Reading expectations:

    We would encourage you to read with your child as often as you are able. We do not expect a whole book to be read each time, even just a few pages is enough. Reading at home is very important experience for your child and gives them the practise opportunities to improve their reading and understanding.

    Children have the opportunity to change their book each morning and will earn rewards for reading. Each time your child reads they will get a sign on their card. When they reach 20 reads, they will receive a bookmark. When they reach their next 20 reads they will get a book in celebration assembly. Their next 20 will be another bookmark and so on.

  • Times tables:

    By the end of year 3, your child is expected to know their 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x tables off by heart. Please practise these as often as you can (there are some brilliant songs on youtube!).

  • Telling the time:

    Being able to tell the time requires lots of practise. We do as much as we can at school but by the end of year 3, children are expected to be able to tell the time to the nearest minute on a digital, 24hr and analogue clock as well as a clock face with roman numerals. It would really benefit your child if you could practise telling the time at home as this will mean they be more confident at this skill at school.

  • Parent helpers:

    We would welcome any help you are able to give us in school whether it is help on school trips or you are able to come in to work with the children from time to time. Please contact your class teacher or Mrs Perriam if you are interested in helping.

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