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Year 5 – Hazel, Holly and Maple

Welcome to Year 5 - Hazel and Maple Class!

Look at all the amazing things we have been doing!

Openbox visit 

On Friday 28th April we had a visit from the Openbox Theatre Company.

Our children had a fabulous day and this proves how truly amazing they really are.

We are all so very proud of every Year 5 pupil. 

Well done! 

Picture 1

Year 5 meet the chicks!

Year 5 celebrate fabulous work, many examples can be found on the display board between Hazel and Mape classrooms.

Come and take a look.

Picture 1

Winchester University Visit

Winchester University visited Vigo Primary School on Thursday 2nd March to tell us about what it is like at University.  They also helped us to discover our true potential. At University you live in halls of residence for some of your time it takes to complete your course.  There are 163 universities in the UK and over 50,000 courses to choose from.  Some courses mean that you can be an apprentice mechanic or learn to become a football trainer.  We also played a game about matching jobs with different people, called: Jackson, Amelia, Susie and Bob.  IT WAS VERY VERY FUN!!!!!!!!

Written by Max and Lewis

World Book Day in Hazel Class.

Here are a small selection of characters that our lovely pupils chose to dress up as.  Can you name the character and the book they are from?

Pizza Projects

Following on from our visits to Pizza Express, Year 5 pupils worked in small groups to create their own pizza brand. 

They had to create: their company name, slogans, write an advert for their 'World-Famous' Marghertia pizza and write tweet reviews from happy customers.  Finally, pupils made a sample size of their pizza product. 

Here are the design boards for their companies. 

Well done to everytone in Year 5 for all your hard work and impressive team work. 

Pizza Express Visits

On Tuesday 31st January and Wednesday 1st February both classes had the wonderful opportunity to visit Pizza Express in Andover.  We spent the morning making our very own Pizza Express Margherita pizzas and taste tasted toppings too.


Jungle Book theatre visit
On Wednesday 11th January, we went to the Lights to watch The Jungle Book and it was amazing! It was a long walk but we enjoyed it. After about 15-20 minutes, we arrived. We went into the auditorium and took our seats. 


All the characters were in red royal clothes. There was a tiger, Shere Khan, monkeys, King-Louis, Mowgli and wolves. It was really funny at the beginning and towards the middle it got dramatic. Then it was a break and we had ice-cream. 


After that there was another part that was even better. Enzo's favourite part was when they defeated Shere Khan because he was the really mean character trying to kill Mowgli and the wolf pack. Logan's favourite was where Shere Khan tried to make a grand entrance and failed. 


It was really good and we would highly recommend Oddsocks Theatre (the creators of the show). 


Written by Enzo and Logan 

Year 5 Football

On Thursday mornings, year 5 have the opportunity to play and learn football. During football we have learnt skills like passes and controls. Year 5 have a real Southampton coach, who knows REAL football moves. He digs out some old and fancy moves for us. His name is Mr. Holmes.


Mr Holmes teaches us to play fun games like Seaweed and Crossy Road. We learn to run, communicate and practice positions.  We always learn new moves in skill practice, such as the Matthew’s Move, spin turn (the Maradona), penguin feet, inside and outside hook, the Cruyff move and the cushion stop. We have played mini matches too. Did you know football keeps you fit?


Mr Holmes is great. He even involves people that can’t do PE. They become a coach.

We’ve all got our own opinion about football, but here is our opinion.

“We enjoy football because it’s fun and exciting.”


Written by Jamie, Ty and Ella


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Lollystick Trebuchets

As part of our English and Design and Technology we were asked to follow a set of instructions to make our very own Trebuchets.

Here is an outline of the task:

First we got into groups

Then we gathered our materials together.

We had instruction to follow.

Using a glue gun, we all stuck the materials together, using adults permission.

We waited for the glue to dry  (we didn't touch the glue).

When it was finished, we tested it out, to see if we could launch a missile.  The missle was a Polo!

some worked better than others, we had a great time making and testing them out.

By Charlie and Joanna


Year Five were contacted by a local school to find out how we made them and we created a fact sheet, including information about Trebuchets and then all important instructions for making them. 

Making our Trebuchets


In Maths, we have learned a lot of things that we could use for our future (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). We have also learnt percentages, fractions and how to add and subtract them. During this, we have used a lot of resources. Here are a few of my favourites.


In fractions, we had a puzzle. To complete the puzzle, we had to connect all the equivalent fractions. We also

had a task to add and subtract different fractions.


While we were doing shapes, we had to try and make a cube using Polydron. It was really fun even though we made mistakes. We also wrote riddles about different shapes. We all enjoyed doing them.

As you can see we have had fun in maths this term.


Written by Ty.


We have had fun in year 5 during our art lessons. Year 5 get a chance to collage, draw and more.


River models

Year 5 made models of the river’s journey from the mountains to the sea. With limited space, they used the classes’ materials and paint. All the points of a river were labelled.

Diversity hands

Year 5 learnt about diversity, during then, we did our hands. They were all about our differences. We drew what we liked and then coloured it in.

Scale art

We enlarged a picture and cut it into pieces. Each child had their own piece. It was drawn on, collaged and it was coloured in with oil pastels, chalk and stipple.


We made pots of clay, painted them and put on glitter. They were all very beautiful and linked to our study of Diwalli.

We have enjoyed art this term, accompanied by the lovely Mrs Searle.

Written by Leteisha. (Photos by Leteisha and Ella.)

Our Selbourne Trip

On the 20th September both Year Five classes, Hazel and Maple, went on a marvellous trip to Selbourne.  It was for our river project - it gave us a really good understanding of rivers.  When we arrived we split into our classes and were led by Andy and .  We completed four main activities: hill climbing, investigating creatures found in rivers, measuring the rivers (height, width and speed of water flow) and making our own river models using natural materials that we could find on the hill. 

The hill we had to climb was like a massive moutain with steps.  When we finally got to the top we had to find things to make a river with.  Once we all finished we had to explain how it worked

It was really fun and educating, so we recommend going there.

Written by Michelle and Elyssia. 

Photos of our day at the Gilbery White Study Centre in Selbourne



In year 5 (and other years) we do choir. If you don’t want to be in choir you don’t have to but this is what we do…

Fun bits about choir

Our choir teacher is Mrs Weymouth. She teaches us sign language (Makaton) to help us with our singing. Some children get the chance to do a solo which build up our confidence to sing in front of lots of people (in and out of choir).


In choir, we sometimes take trips to places to sing for different people. This year we went to an old people’s home. The fun is everyone we sing to smiles. On one Sunday, choir went to a church for a charity concert and sang in front of about 100 people.

Ella’s opinion

Choir is fun and everyone is great at singing. Don’t be afraid to make your voice shine through.

Written by Ella

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Right Shape