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Year 6 – Poplar and Willow

Welcome to Year 6 - Poplar and Willow!

Miss Collins, Miss Morton, Miss Parry, Mrs McDermott, Mrs McEwan-Hancock, Miss Callaghan, Mrs Heptonstall and all of the other adults love working with you in Year 6!

On this page you will find links to help you with your learning, as well as photos of what we have been getting up to that you can share with people at home.

Snow Day Work


Below are some things that we would like you to do whilst you are not in school: 


1) Wrap up warm and stay safe! 


2) Practise your knowledge of 3D shape - Use the snow and see how many spheres can you make of different sizes. Stack them up to make a snowman. Make cubes and cuboids and stack them to make an igloo. 


3) Practise measure - Measure out the correct amount of milk or water to make a scrumptious hot drink. (Miss Collins is going to be practising with hot chocolate!) If you use 300ml, how much is this in litres? 

4) Write a snow poem or story. (We have attached a bingo card of things we would like you to include) 


5) Arithmetic - Below you can access both of this week's arithmetic papers to have a go at. 


6) World Book Day Work - Today is World Book Day! Waterstones would like you to each write a book recommendation for your favourite book. Your book recommendation should include. The name and author of the book, what you like about it, a brief summary of the story line, who you would recommend it to and why you think they would like it. Bring these in to school and we will write these up. 


7) Timestable rockstars - log in and earn some coins! Ensure you enter the studio.


8) Spelling- below is this week's spelling list for you to practise. 


Other websites to access:


Calshot Day 4:

The children have been pretty tired today but they have powered through and tried hard in their activities. Here are a few pics from today...

Calshot day 3

Another sunny day at Calshot has been full of fun and excitement. Lots of new experiences have been had, and hidden talents discovered! See what we have been up to below...

Calshot Day 2:

It's been a busy day again today with abseiling, archery, forest orienteering and lots more. Take a look at the highlights...

Calshot Day 1:

We have had a fantastic first day at Calshot. Here is just a glimpse of the activities we have taken part in...

Museum of Army Flying


On Thursday 5th October, Year 6 visited The Museum of Army Flying. It was really fun! When we first arrived we had to find posters that were used to spread messages during World War Two. We found them all! Then we went in to the 1940s house to find lots of different objects. After that we were allowed to handle some objects that would have been used during the Battle of Britain, including some clothes and hats. It was amazing to see them in real life! Then we had lunch and finished the day by having a tour of the museum.


By Amelia and Mia

Army Air Museum

Year 6 went to milestones on Wednesday 27th September and Thursday 28th September.


When we arrived a lady who worked there showed us how to make a robot and the health and safety. We got into pairs and began following the instructions to build the Lego robot.

Once it was built, we learnt how to make the robot reverse and go forward and at different speeds. She showed us how to turn the robot left and right. We made it move by using a program we made on the computer. We then built an arm for it as after lunch we did EV3 space challenges.

Once we ate our lunch, our pairs were trying to make our robots complete the challenges. Some challenges were:

  • To make the solar panels go up

  • To make a robot unstuck

  • Getting a man unstuck

  • Launching a rocket into the space base

At the end of the day, we deconstructed the robots.


By Charlie and Aston

Lego Mindstorms at Milestones


We will be sending home English and Maths homework home on Fridays every other week. Each piece is designed to take you about 30 minutes. We recommend that you don't spend longer than this on your homework, and that if there is something you are strugging with that come and ask us in school the next day.

Remember: Homework club runs on Friday in the hall from 3-4pm


PE will normally be on a Tuesday and Friday. You must have your kit in school on these days, and take it home for washing at the end of the week. We will be going outside in all weathers, so ensure that you have warm clothes!

Applications for your childs 7 placement at secondary school are now available. Please visit to apply online, or come into school for a paper application form.

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