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Vigo Primary

Opening a World of Learning

Year R – Peach, Pear and Plum

Welcome to a new and exciting year at Vigo Primary School! We have all settled into our new classes and are beginning to make lots of new friends. There is a lot of things for us to try and remember during the day but we are all doing very well to learn the routines! Our teachers and grown-ups are helping us with this. Some of us are learning to get ourselves dresssed for the first time!


Our topic is Ourselves and we have started to talk about our families and homes. We have drawn pictures of ourselves and our families. some of us have started to make models of houses.


Over the summer we were asked to collect special things and memories to go into our treasure boxes   - Some of us have started to share these special treasure boxes with our classes.


Next week we will be looking at photographs  of when we were babies and talking about what a baby can do and what we can do now that we are at school!

Left Shape
Right Shape