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Year R – Peach, Pear and Plum

Welcome to Year R!

Peach, Plum and Pear class!

Mrs Twelftree, Mrs Munro, Miss Lush, Mrs Wright,  

Miss Rennie, Mrs Spicer, Mrs Barnes,

Mrs Cardy, Mrs White











Here's what we have been up to across Year R in the last week of term before christmas!!...

The end of this term is a very busy one at school! We have been like little elves but instead of making toys we have been making christmas decorations!

  • Monday was a different day at school to our normal day, it was Christmas Craft day. Throughout the day we travelled around the school, in mixed yera groups, to different classrooms to complete christmas activities. The things we made were brought home in the brown bags.
  • On Tuesday we wrapped up a present we have made, but we can't tell you what it is because you might recieve it! But we can assure you that the classroom's got very glittery whilst making them!
  • It was then time for the chistmas lunch, we all sat in the hall and pulled crackers whilst we listened to christmas music! It got very loud and exciting! Straight after lunch we walked down to the church, where we listened to the other children perform the nativity, and we sang and signed during the songs
  • Wednesday we decorated biscuits! It was very fun, and some of us have rather a lot of decoration on them!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
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Picture 13


READING. Lots of children are doing really well in reading at home, some every day, and have hit their 2nd lot of 25 reads!! Well done! Once children have read 25 times at home they recieve a book of their choice in assembly to take home with them.


HOME LEARNING. Each week on a friday children come home with a new set of sounds which we have been learning that week in phonics. The sheets are for the children to practise recognising and writing at home, and then can be returned to school once completed.


Here is the link to a phonics game which we use alot in school to help with children's sounding out and blending. Click on Phase 2 and then Revise all sounds.

Hopefully you will be amazed!!


This week we thought the grown up were being silly and giving us cereal boxes for out learning! But then we were told that we were going to be weighing them. The grown ups had actually taken the cereal out and filled each box so they all were different weights. We used the vocabulary 'heavy, light, heavier, lighter, heaviest and lightest' to talk about the boxes, we held them in our hands to decide...


Picture 1 "This one is heavy and this one is light"
Picture 2 "This one the heaviest" "This one lightest"
Picture 3 "It's the lightest" "It's heavy"
Picture 4 "It's heavy, this one is the lightest"
Picture 5 "This is heavier, it's harder to pick up"
Picture 6 "This ones heavier, it goes down"
Picture 7 "This one is lightest, it's got nothing in it"
Picture 8 "This one is heavy""This one is light"
Picture 9 "This one is lightest, there are different weights


In Maths this week we have been using money to pay for things, which was based in the role play in each class. We looked at the price tag of what we wanted to buy, and then counted out the right amount of 1p coins to give to the shopkeeper!

Maths during independent leaning jobs

On monday last week we had a very exciting morning! Based around our topic this term of Toys, we had some special visitors from the Open Box Theatre Company, who got us all up and acting out how to be toys in Mr Geppettos Workshop. We were split up into Soldiers, Ballerinas, Teddy Bears, Trains, Puppets or a Jack-in-the-Box, and we had to be very still on shelves in the workshop when Mr Geppetto was awake. But when he was asleep...

....we all came to life!!



Our topic this term has been...Toys!


In all 3 classes the children have had the opportunity both in their independent learning and directed adult tasks, to use a range of toys. The focus has been making them work, this may be by pulling something, pushing a button, twisting it or spinning something.


Can you explain how you make it work?

"You have to hold this and spin in" - Isabella

"Push this down and it drives" "Pull the string" - Ellie

"You push this button and then GO!" - Jacob

"You need to twist this toy to make it work, on the bottom" - Jack

"This toy make a noise when you spin it" - Leah



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Left Shape
Right Shape