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Art and DT

Spring - 2nd half term.


Art -Who was Piet Mondrian?
We shall be examining the development of Piet Mondrian’s artwork from his early paintings to his more abstract geometric style. We shall be using computers to create our own artwork in the same style.


DT - Theme park rides

We shall be visting Paultons Park to discover how different types of mechanisms work, such as pulley systems, gears, cogs, levers, cams and axels. We will then use our research to plan a new ride for the theme park and create it using KNEX.

Spring term 

How is metal embossed?

We shall be examining artwork from different periods of time, including the Tudors, to see how artists have used embossing techniques to create images or to decorate items. 

We shall explore and develop our own skills before creating our own embossed Tudor shield. 



Mazes were often forms of entertainment and important features in rich people's gardens. We are going to be investigating what the key design features of mazes are in order to design and make our very own wooden maze puzzles. 

Our embossed shields

Our embossed shields 1
Our embossed shields 2
Our embossed shields 3
Our embossed shields 4

Our mazes.

Our mazes. 1
Our mazes. 2

Autumn term Does a hat tell a story?


We will be finding out about the types of hats worn by people in different parts of the American continents.


We will be learning about the hat designer Phillip Tracey. 


Using our discoveries, we will design and make our own hat suitable for a Brazilian carnival.

Left Shape
Right Shape