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Day Five




Today we would like you to start writing a seed diary.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a bean seed to plant any seed will do, likewise don’t worry if you don’t have any seeds because I will plant one and post pictures of it with a description of what it is doing so you can update your diary (for more details I will also be looking at the growth of the roots on the Science part of the website).  First thing I would like you to do is write down your experience of planting the seed or role playing planting a seed in the diary (don’t worry you will be able to see mine too) tell me how you were feeling as well and at the bottom I would like you to list or draw the equipment you needed (trowel, pot, seed, soil, watering can, water).  There is a template for you to follow if you would like to print this off but don’t worry if not because I will be modelling how to do this using normal paper too.



For your writing activity, you are starting a bean diary.


Here is a story that is written in the style of a diary. Use it to remind yourself of the key features of a diary.


* Written in chronological order (in time order)

* Normally written in the first person ("I did...")

* Often has the day or time written before each section

Diary of a Fly

What life is like for a fly. Written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Harry Bliss.



Today we are going to be doing our last piece of learning on part-part whole as next week we will use a different model. So today maths is tricky. Have a look at the part-part whole model provided. You will notice that the whole has been separated into 3 parts instead of the normal 2. Explain that although it looks different the model is still the same a whole broken up into different parts. I really recommend doing this with physical objects such as blocks, teddies or food as previously mentioned as this is a really hard concept. If your child is struggling with this then PLEASE use a part-part whole model with 2 parts and really consolidate this instead.