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Day One



We would like you to look at a new text and we will be linking the distance learning to this story.  Listen to The Tiny Seed on youtube or read the book if you have a copy.  Next either around the house or outside in the garden (if the weather is nice) role play being the seed going on its journey.  If you can watch or listen to the story several times this week and role play as often as you can that would be fantastic – you can re-enact the story while listening to it, in case you forget any parts.



Listen to this video of a brilliant book called The Day the Crayons Quit.


Which crayon would be your favourite? What would you draw with it most?


After you have decided this, write your own letter to Duncan explaining whether you feel happy or sad. Tell him what you are always used for and what you wish he would use you for instead!


Once you have written your letter to Duncan, we would like you to read it aloud to someone else in your family.

* Lovely loud voice!

* Don't cover your face with the paper you are reading from

The Day the crayons quit - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids


Over the coming week the learning will be focused on some addition and subtraction. Over the course of the year we have taught the children key models and strategies on how to solve these problems. However, even before you focus on the addition and subtraction problems there is some key number sense that the children need to be practising. This includes skills such as counting on and back from a given number (especially with 20), representing number in different ways and as always those number bonds. 

Some resources to help with these skills can be found in the home packs. 


Today's learning is a focus on counting on and back. Enjoy!