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Day Three

Maths Week 2 day 3


Our maths today is looking at working out 4, 8 and 16 times table division number facts through halving. Watch the video for the four times tables - how could you apply this to 8 and 16 times tables?


Picture 1

Teacher Math Lesson: Dividing by 4

Dividing by 4 is easy to do via a "halve and halve again" strategy: work out half of the number being divided, then half of the result. Alternatively, ask th...

English Writing Activity

In today's challenge you are asked to do a piece of creative writing. Can you include relative and subordinate clauses in you writing? Have a look at the videos below if you can't remember what they are.

The Subordinate Clause Song (Subordinating Conjunctions)

A lyrics video for Anchor Creative Education's Rock 'N' Roll song all about subordinate clause and those pesky subordinating conjunctions! A perfect resource...

Relative clause lyrics video YouTube