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Day Three



Watch these 2 videos and describe what is happening to the seeds – this will link to our understanding of plants and seeds in Science next week too.  What would you expect your seed to do once you have planted it?



Today, we want you to discover some new words that you didn't already know!

Read this book, Giraffes Can't Dance, along with the video. Either print the template below or have your exercise book and pencil ready so you can write down 2 words that you haven't heard before.


Find out what your 2 words mean by using a dictionary, on the internet or by asking a grown up to help you.

Finally, draw a picture and write a sentence to explain what your 2 words mean.

Giraffe's Can't Dance Animation Movie



We are continuing to learn about adding and subtracting but using different models rather than just the number calculations. One model we use is the part part whole model. This is a great tool to show children what makes up the different parts of a calculation and can really help later on when children are trying to work out more complicated word problems. Have a look at the video demonstrating how we use the part part whole model and the see what number sentences you can find from the given part part whole models. 


Part Part Whole Method

Quick demonstration of how the Part Part Whole model works.