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Day Two




This is PlantBot and he needs your help for how to plant a seed by writing him clear and concise instructions.  We will be looking at the features of instructions together and you will eventually be able to write your own instructions for how to plant seeds for PlantBot.  Have a look at these instructions and see what features you can identify (Title, what you need list, numbers, imperative verbs – bossy words, clear, in order, etc).



For your reading today, we've got a hilariously silly book for you to read with someone at home!

(Psssst, it's funnier if they have to read it to you!)


When you are reading this book, think about why the author has chosen to write the words like they have. What do the words look like? Does it make it more fun or less fun to read the book? Which is your favourite page?


The Book with No Pictures by B J Novak



For maths today I have set up an addition and subtraction problem quiz on Purple Mash. It will have appeared in your To Dos today, that's the big red tick at the top of the page if you haven't been on before. If you are still needing a login please email your teacher and they will be able to give this to you. 


The quiz has simple addition and subtraction problems for the children to solve. This can be done in several ways whether with physical objects (such as coins, pasta etc), drawing pictures or on a number line. If you are unsure of the strategies we have been using in class or which step your child is at please watch one of the videos as guidance. I hope you enjoy them!!



Subtraction Strategies

Quick demonstartion of subtraction str

Addition Strategies

A quick demonstration of addition strategies.