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The enormous crocodile

Our latest topic has focused on the enormous crocodile. We have looked at the scares and tricks that the crocodile plays on other animals and to the children. We are writing our own stories in class but we have changed the crocodile to a fox. We have been thinking of lots of amazing adjectives to describe the fox and all the mean things he does!


Ask your child to see if they can tell you about their very own story!

The Hodgeheg

We have been loving reading and writing about Max the hedgehog who is very confused and is always having accidents! Ask your year 2 child to see if they know what has been happening to Max.

The Rainforest

We have been working very hard everyday writing different sections of a leaflet. This leaflet will have all the information we know about the rainforest and what it is like and what animals live there.

The rainforest

Rainforest animals, ask us what we know about them!



Our new topic is space, as you will have heard the children are very excited to get started on this new topic.


Some of them have already handed in their half term home work and they all look amazing!


We have started talking about the planets and made some large sugar paper pictures of our solar system. Some children have watched a video of a rocket launch and their faces lit up, they couldn't believe their eyes!


The book we have been looking at is...

This story is about a boy who faced his fears and went to the stars.


Chris loves rockets and planets and pretending he's an astronaut in space. Only one problem - at night Chris is afraid of the dark. But when he watched the ground breaking Apollo 11 Moon landing on TV it inspires him to follow his dreams and explore the darkest dark.

The Great Fire of Vigo

Our history topic this term is The Great fire of London so our English lessons have involved a lot of exciting work. We have had our very own Great Fire of Vigo which created very varied emotions in the children. We are currently writing our very own diary entries in class to describe the fire and how we all felt watching all the hard work burn down!