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Mrs Ford has compiled a list of Websites to ensure children are able to access resources to support their French language skills.

This one has lessons, activities linked to the lessons and games. I have played on it a bit and it also has an English translation! Great for family names, colours, animals etc This page covers lots of lower Key Stage activities but also has grammar games for upper key stages. This link sends you to French nursery rhymes on YouTube This link sends to you an episode of Caillou (french cartoon) This episode is in french but has English subtitles. There are lots more than just this one on YouTube too. This cartoon is very popular in France and in Canada. is a free App that is easy to download and can be used on iPads, phones etc as well as computers. The activities can be from 5-20mins long (you decide) and starts from the basics or from where you are comfortable. They activities are very child friendly and are a mix of listening and identifying what you hear as well as typing out the English translation! You earn virtual medals etc too. I have downloaded mine and have enjoyed playing on it a bit already. 😀🤣 This is a great resource with over 700 french activities for children. There are some lessons, then activities and these begin with colours and animals up to bingo, spelling activities and alphabetical order of french vocabulary. This is a french website (so a basic understanding of some french may be needed-having said that I used the pictures to help me navigate the site 😂) It has classic songs in french (head, shoulders, knees and toes etc) and classic stories in french (3 little pigs, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel etc)