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Today we are going to help describe where the minibeasts live.

Look at the minibeast habitat powerpoint.  Recap words that help us to describe position under, over, next to, etc. Spot the minibeasts, write sentences for where they are in the picture, e.g ‘the spider is on its web.’ Then they write their own sentence for their minibeast, describing where it lives. E.g ‘the wriggly worm lives under the ground.’

Push yourself further by adding descriptive vocabulary to the setting e.g ‘The wriggly worm lives in the damp muddy soil.’



Today we are going to think about the language associated with double – it means twice as many.  Look at the ladybird doubling powerpoint and then see if you can complete the ladybird doubling activity and the doubling card activity.  If it helps use lego or sweets to help you find double – but don’t eat double the amount of sweets ha ha.




I'm excited to have a go at the Reading activities this week! We have scavenger hunts, fun art activities to help with your reading and storytelling, an appearance from the Rainbow Fish, 'Once Upon a Picture' and more!


We can't wait to hear about the fun you have with reading this week!