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Perform it to any of your family members in your household or via Zoom, facetime, Whatsapp video, but remember to keep your social distancing if it is not someone in your household.



Our final reading activity for you this week is to put yourself in these characters' shoes. (see the picture below). This means you are going to pretend that you are them, and decide what you think they would say.



 A little bit of division. Recap by sharing into equal groups using physical objects. A role play picnic always works really well for this. Sometimes try to share odd numbers and discuss the remainder, identifying whether a number is odd or even. 


Once you feel your child is confidently sharing between 2 add other characters so you are sharing between 5 and see what quantities can be share fairly. Explain that this can take a long time with real objects so we can use the pictorial method which I call 'Pots for Dots'. This video shows this simple strategy well. 

Here are some word problems to try and solve by pots for dots. See you if you can write the number sentence to go with the problem.

For example 12 ÷ 4 = 3