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Ideas for Geography


In Geography we are looking at comparing Andover to a local town and we have chosen Ludgershall.  Some of the key skills we will be thinking about are map skills, comparing and describing.


Some things that you can do include


Finding out about the history of Andover and comparing this to the history of Ludgershall – research on the internet but remember your internet safety!

Describe different places in Andover.

Create a map of your bedroom/other room in your house, see my example for help.

Draw a map of somewhere you have been, even if it is a map of the walk you took around the garden/in your house.

Take photos of any places that you can see/have seen and send them to us.

ONLY IF IT IS SAFE … visit the castle in Ludgershall.

WOW us with a fact of Andover and of Ludgershall.

Can your family tell you about how it has changed – what do they remember?

Create a 3D map of Andover or of one of the buildings in Andover/Ludgershall.


Don’t forget to send us all of the exciting learning you are managing to do.

We look forward to seeing it all.


History of Andover in pictures