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Listen to the story on youtube

‘you might just hear a sound, a chirrup from the treetops or a scuttle on the ground’. Discuss word meanings ‘scuttle, chirrup etc.’ can you find them in a dictionary? What was your favourite poem


One by one, talk about the descriptions of the snail, spider, beetle and dragonfly. Pick out good describing words – which word is your favourite and why.


Tell the children they are going to write a riddle and a poem for a minibeast. 


Riddle – see this website for good detail about what a riddle is


Poetry - Literature written in verse, as opposed to prose, often written in metrical lines.



This week we will be looking at Fractions using a range of representations which will need to include us understanding the term double, half, quarter, and twice eg it is twice as long.  I have included a fraction wall so you can see how I could split a whole item into half or quarter just to remind you what it looks like because we have done this a few times before.

Today we are going to focus on sharing into half and quarter.  Look at the powerpoints real life fractions and half and quarter to remind your self what this looks like in shapes or other objects.  I would like you to use fruit, bread, playdough or any other objects that your parents/carers let you and see if you can share them into half or quarter by cutting or breaking them safely.  You could even fold paper of different sizes.



I'm excited to have a go at the Reading activities this week! We have scavenger hunts, fun art activities to help with your reading and storytelling, an appearance from the Rainbow Fish, 'Once Upon a Picture' and more!


We can't wait to hear about the fun you have with reading this week!