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Monday 27th April



An important part of instruction writing is to have a list of equipment that is required for the instructions to be carried out successfully.  This list needs to be clear and detailed.  Talk to someone about what you think you might need and see if you can remember everything.


Now use the pictures to label the equipment that you would need to plant a seed.  Did you remember them all?  If not, what did you forget?


HOWEVER, … here is your challenge … I would like you to include an adjective or two to make the list more exciting and add that little extra detail that will make your instructions more fun to read.  For example, a sturdy, plastic pot, a healthy small seed, etc.



Click on the document below to see your reading challenge for today! 



In maths this week we are going to be continuing to look at addition and subtraction using a different representation called the bar model. However, before we start this it is always really good to keep key number sense skills going,such as counting on and back or sequencing quantities from largest to smallest. Therefore,today there is a game you can play to develop counting on and back skills via the you tube link,( sorry it cuts out abruptly), or you could spend some time playing sequencing games which look at a digits place value.


For example - 


12     4      37      73

You could put these numbers from lowest to highest looking at the place value of each digit in the number. So, for 37 the 3 is actually 3 tens representing 30 and the 7 is 7 ones. Make up some of your own sequences and get ordering. (I would keep the numbers below 100 as we haven't done this in class). 




A game for counting on and back.