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Letter from Mrs Bray RE School Reopening for Year 6 Children

RE: School reopening for Year 6 children


Dear Parents and Carers of Year 6 children,


I am writing to you to let you know some more details around the reopening of school for Year 6 children. 


As you are aware we are inviting Year 6 children back in to school from Wednesday 10th June.  Each of your children will be in a ‘bubble class’ with at the most 13 other children, if the whole cohort returns. 


School will run for year 6 from 8:55-3:00.  Children will enter and leave via Teak class door.  We ask that only one adult brings the child(ren) to school.  We understand that you may need to bring siblings, although we ask that you avoid this if possible.  We also respectfully ask that you adhere to the social distancing and leave the site as soon as you have dropped off/collected your child. 


We know that many of our Year 6 children walk themselves to and from school; children may carry on doing this but it is very important that children from different households do not walk to school together or arrive at school early as this will interfere with another year groups timings.  If your children are walking to school by themselves, please also ensure they know how to queue on the playground and that you are confident that they will fully respect the importance of social distancing when away from the direct supervision of an adult.


We are providing school meals for children but your child may bring a lunch box if they prefer.  As well as a lunch box, if needed, all we ask your child to bring to school is their water bottle and a coat if it is cold or a sun hat if it is hot; children will not need their PE kits or their school bags.  Please make sure that you apply plenty of sun lotion to your child before they enter school as we will be unable to do this due to social distancing.  Your child may bring their own, named bottle of sun cream if they are able to apply this themselves.  This is not to be shared with anyone else.


Please do not let your child bring any toys or books in from home and only allow your child to bring in their mobile phone if they need it from a safety point of view because they walk to or from school by themselves; limiting transference is a way of helping to stop the spread of the virus.


Between now and next Wednesday, please do show your children our video about returning to school and talk to them about school and the differences they may find.  If you have got out of the habit of washing hands for 20 seconds, please do start practicing this with them as it will be a regular part of their day.


If your child was previously receiving a place in school because they were deemed vulnerable or because you are a key worker, as of Wednesday 10th June they will be in a Year 6 bubble and will follow those timings. 


School will close at 1:15pm every Friday so teachers can have PPA time; school will remain open for those children of key workers who are at work on a Friday afternoon only.  These children will remain in their Year 6 bubble on a Friday afternoon.  If we believe your child is entitled to stay in school on a Friday afternoon you will receive a separate text message.


Although we have provided a space for each child in a bubble class, it is completely up to you as parents whether or not you decide to send your child back to school.  You will not be penalised if you don’t and on-line learning will still be available to them.  We do however ask that if your child does come back you commit to this; the government have reopened schools for Year 6 to learn, not as child care.  This means if your decision as a parent is to send your child back to school we will be expecting them in school unless they are ill or self-isolating. 


Although Year 6 are being invited back into school and we will endeavour to make these last few weeks as memorable as we can for our children, there will be many of the traditional Year 6 end of year experiences that we will not be able to offer this year due to COVID-19.  Sadly, we will not be able to stage a Year 6 production, sign shirts or hold the traditional graduation ceremony due to the restrictions on gatherings and social distancing.  We are beginning to make plans to invite current Year 6 pupils back in the autumn term for a graduation, but we are unable to give you any more of a timeframe on this at present as current restrictions will need to be lifted. 


Finally, although school may look, and feel, a little different, our same caring and loving attitude will be shown to all of your children.  Their safety and wellbeing is our upmost priority and I am so proud of the staff team who have worked tirelessly to ensure your children can return to school.


We hope to see you and your children back at school soon.


Yours sincerely


Julie Bray