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Letter to all Families

Dear Parents and Carers,


I wanted to write to you to update you on the expectations from Vigo Primary School as we come to the end of the first week’s school closure.


Firstly, well done for getting through this first week! We know this is a challenging time for families and from the emails and phone calls we have taken this week, it sounds like you are all doing a fantastic job for the children in your care. We want to thank you all for your patience, flexibility and kind well wishes and community spirit.


During these unprecedented times, I would like to place emphasis that the priority for children remains their safety and welfare. As a school staff of colleagues, parents and fellow humans we encourage you not to put pressure upon yourselves or your children to adopt the approach of ‘home schooling’ but to engage in ‘distant learning’. The difference being that ‘home schooling’ is a choice which you considered, you planned for and you are your child’s teacher in whatever form you choose. This current situation is, at its best ‘distant learning’.


We, like you, have tried our very best to cope with the continually changing, surreal and overwhelming changes to life as we have previously known it. We are all doing the best we can and I really do hope you know that we think you all as a community of parents, carers and families have been amazing!


After Easter we will look to a longer term means to deliver learning if school closures remain, but for now this is a great opportunity to allow children to be children. Let’s take it. Play with them in the garden, wear silly costumes or stay in your pyjamas all day, sing loud, read stories, dance around and don’t feel guilty for spending time with your children having fun. Children will say they’re bored, that’s normal and that’s ok. It is an unusual time for them too, remind them that everyone is experiencing this too and by staying home and saving lives we are a very new brand of modern-day heroes.


As key workers with families ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to balance working from home whilst facilitating distant learning at the same time. You do you in your own way… there is no right or wrong.  Please all know we are here to support you, we will remain on the end of the phone or an email if you need us.


Please do take care and we are thinking about all of our Vigo families.