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Letter regarding Free School Meals

Dear Parents and Carers,


You may have heard that the government has said they will be providing a scheme for children in receipt of free school meals allowing families to access supermarket vouchers.  As a school we have been providing these in the interim, but I am pleased to say the government system is nearly ready.  If you are receipt of means tested Free School Meals you will shortly be receiving £15 per week per child to spend on food at your local supermarket.  


If you feel you may be entitled to Free School Meals but are not currently receiving them you can apply on-line (, it takes less than 5 minutes and could mean you directly receive extra money to support your family.  If you show to be eligible you do not need to do anything else, we as a school will be notified directly and you can start receiving your vouchers. 


As a school we can also provide Food Bank vouchers if you are struggling, please contact the school or Mrs Parry directly for these.


Stay safe and stay well.


Julie Bray


Vigo Primary School