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Open Box Show!

Monday 11 th December


Open Box came into Vigo to perform their Christmas Show. They performed to KS2 in the morning and KS1 in the afternoon, and what a show it was!

The children were laughing the whole way through, joining in and thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance. It started off with story of Babushka and a really ‘slim’ chicken. They modernised the story and engaged the children, even including Spiderman and Donald Trump as two of the three Kings! They had a very funny interrupting star and a camel with no body. It certainly was a show that was enjoyed by all!


After the story of Babushka, they showed us their pantomime, Aladdin. Again, the pantomime was hilarious and the children were laughing and joining in the whole way through. They loved the bad character Abanarza, shouting at Aladdin to help him. At the end of their Pantomime, one of the characters put on a Father Christmas coat and invited children from the audience up to tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

It was a hilariously fun performance that children all across the school enjoyed, thank you Open Box for a fantastic show!

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