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Look at the jungle riddles and see how many you can solve

Now write your noun phrases starting with I using the ideas you created yesterday ‘I’, e.g ‘I have large, piercing eyes. 



Today we are going to look at other fractions of quantities or amounts.  Keep the amazing learning in your head for fractions of shapes as this will help you when finding the correct total for a fraction of a total.  Look at the powerpoint introduction to halves and quarters of amounts (I have even left in the challenge of finding ¾ 😊).  Again, today we are going to work practically, ask Mums, dads, or carers what you are allowed to use and see if you can find the whole number (the number you start with) and share them into half, quarter or three quarters.  You could use pasta, crisps, pencils, sweets, cups, DVDs, lego, anything you can find – BUT ask for permission first!!

Are there any numbers you could NOT share into half or quarters – what were they and why do you think this was? 



I'm excited to have a go at the Reading activities this week! We have scavenger hunts, fun art activities to help with your reading and storytelling, an appearance from the Rainbow Fish, 'Once Upon a Picture' and more!


We can't wait to hear about the fun you have with reading this week!