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Today have a go at writing your poems, remember to send them to us so we can celebrate them on our website.


For example


The ladybird


The ladybird is bright and shiny,

It likes to hide so it is tiny,





We have a non-fiction text for you all about Africa. Non-fiction means it is full of facts.


Read the information and then answer the questions below. 


WARNING! Some of the statements at the bottom are not true! Can you work out which ones are true and which are false?


Right now its time to make our own arrays. There is a good video on the website below on why and how to create arrays. 

Have a go at creating your own arrays for these problems. Can you write the repeated addition sentence and thh multiplication sentence.


If you can finding the multiplication sentence confidently see if you can work out the correlating multiplication sentence. 

For example if your array shows;


    5 x 6 = 30 then 6 x 5 also = 30. Reflect on the array to show this.