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Thursday 30th April



Si children now it is your chance to give someone detailed, clear and concise instructions for how to make DrinkBot a glass of Squash.  Adult/sibling, I would like you to follow their instructions in their entirety, even if it is wrong.  If it is not detailed enough then please make a mistake so the children need to re-think their instruction and give it to you again in more detail.  We would love to know how successful and unsuccessful the instructions were so please send us an email or photos of what happened.


As an example for you all to laugh at, please watch the youtube video for ideas.



Click on the document below to see your reading challenge for today! 



Hopefully everyone is starting to get the hang of Bar models. Here are some problems to find the number families for, just like last week with the Part Part Whole model. If you are up for it have a go at the really really tricky one!