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Thursday 7th

English Writing


Now it is time to write your instructions.  If you finish them quickly, read them back and see if they need editing or if you can improve them by adding detail or you could even decorate them


Key things to remember


They must be numbered

They must be in order

They must be detailed

They must have verbs eg put, place, dig, etc


Enjoy writing your instructions and we look forward to reading them!



Today is the final day of shape as its meant to be a quick recap. However, please continue to just drop some shape work in every now and again if lockdown continuous for a longer period of time as its an area that is best revisited a few times. 


A really classic 3D lesson today of building 3D shapes in what ever way is possible for you. Please use the terminology to discuss the link between 2D shapes and the 3D shapes they are creating. 


For example a cube has 6 square faces so you know its edges are all equal. 


I have also included some more tricky shape riddles if you want to have a go. Have fun!