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Topic based learning for week 2

This week we are asking you to think about the sounds of your community.


Take some time to sit still and listen carefully. What can you hear? Use the grid on the document below (or one of your own design) to record what you have heard. What is different about the inside and outside sounds that you can hear? Move to different places in your house and listen carefully.


Now that we are all staying in doors more are the sounds different to the ones you are used to hearing? Is there less traffic and aircraft noise for example?

Some artists make music from the sounds around them rather than the sounds of instruments.


Listen to the examples on the link below. What do the sounds make you think of? How does it make you feel? Do you think it creates a sense of ‘place’ – can you imagine being there?

If you were creating a soundscape of your community or family what sounds would you include?

Look back at your sounds grid – which sounds are most important to include? Which would you repeat? Which would you leave out?


If you have access to a computer or other device log into and you’ll find 2sequence in your 2dos. Using this program you can record your own sounds and create a soundscape of your own.


We can’t wait to hear them!