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Topic based learning project for week 1

As part of our work on community and creativity, we were due to start work on a design technology project focusing on sewing this week.


People often use creativity to bring communities together - now that we aren't able to see each other for a period of time, people are using creativity to make connections with their friends, family and wider communities.


Quilt making has in the past been a way to bring communities together. Quilts were often made as gifts for important events like weddings and a single quilt was often made by several people in a community or family collaborating (working together).


Have a look at these quilt designs in the quilt museum.

This quilt was made by each person in a group designing and making their own patch or square that would be sewn together to make a larger quilt.
Picture 1

If you were making a square to add to a Y5 community quilt what would you put on the square to represent you?


Using a piece of A4 paper design a patch which represents you. Think about what fabric and stitching you would use and carefully consider your colour choice. Remember the design needs to be simple enough to create in fabric.


If you have access to sewing materials, a willing adult helper and fabrics you could always a have a go at making you patch as an extra challenge.