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Choose one of the minibeasts (ladybird, spider, bee, worm).  Can you record down what you already know about the minibeast?  Now research more about your minibeast and add this to their fact sheet in a different colour so you can see what new facts you have learned.


You can also use the fact cards and the videos powerpoint for extra information.



Today we are going to think in a similar way but we are going to find objects that are half as long or half the size or twice as long or twice the size (twice means two times the length in this case).  So, if I measured a pen at 10cm I would be looking for an object half as long – 5 cm - and twice as long – 20cm.

You could even create your own in the garden – if I find a Gruffalo footprint that is 30cm in my garden, what would a footprint that is half as long be and a footprint twice as long – how many other fun ways can you show this?  You can even see where the Gruffalo has visited my garden too!!



I'm excited to have a go at the Reading activities this week! We have scavenger hunts, fun art activities to help with your reading and storytelling, an appearance from the Rainbow Fish, 'Once Upon a Picture' and more!


We can't wait to hear about the fun you have with reading this week!