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Traffic light the words – children can explain this to parents but if they can't provide them with an explanation.


Red – I don’t know this word and I can not tell you what it means.

Amber – I know the word but I find it tricky tot ell you what it means but I can use it currently in a sentence.

Green – I know this word, I know what it means and I can use it correctly in a sentence.



Now let us focus on the numbers 7 to 9.


Can you say how many there are with a quick look and then can you complete the activity for how many ways you can make the number bonds for a total of 7 to 9.





Is there any language that is used in both of the stories?  Write these down – were there any words you didn’t know, look them up in the dictionary and create your own dictionary to write them in, why not add a picture!



Let us look specifically at the naughty e-e (ee) friends today.