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Tuesday 28th April



This is a re-cap of previous learning.  We have worked hard on learning plurals in guided reading and in English, but if you have forgotten I have included some resources to help you remember.  I would like you to convert the picture from singular to plural.   Make sure you look at the rule for whether you add an -s or an -es.

After that I would like you to put these words into a sentence.  If you can print off the sheet then please do but if not then please write this on a piece of paper.  If you don’t have paper, again don’t worry, you could type the words onto the computer, save it and email it to us.  We could then share your amazing work on to the website!!



Click on the document below to see your reading challenge for today! 



Right her we go. Today we are going to start trying to digest the Bar Model. Again, there is a Youtube link to give a quick demonstration of how this works. 


bar model

Demonstration of how to use the bar model in Year 1.

Once you have watched the video try to create your own bar models for these problems.


  3 + 5 = 

  4 + 9 =

  10 +  3 =

  7 - 4 = 3

  16  -  6 =

Again I hope this all makes sense. Good luck !!!!!