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The staff and children at Vigo Primary School are a fantastic family and one of the important aspects we promote as part of school life is that children enjoy their learning experiences and have fun in school. As a staff we enjoy modelling the importance of looking after ourselves and each other by taking a moment to come together and having some fun. We have enjoyed celebrating milestones within school and sharing these with the children. The children look forward to seeing what the staff will come up with next and laughing along with us in the crazy antics. We hope you enjoy some of our highlights and encourage you to follow our social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook. 

Vigo Primary School Christmas signing concert 2020

We hope you enjoy watching the children form Vigo Primary School perform their Christmas signing concert. We had lots of fun making it and hope it brightens ...

Buddy the Christmas Elf is back.... and causing mayhem in school! Have you seen him?

Halloween at Vigo 2020

Goodbye to our 2020 leavers

A Message From The Staff during Lockdown 2020

We all miss you very much. Please watch this video from all the staff at Vigo. Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save lives.