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To help us write our riddles, today we are going to think about what the minibeast looks like and how we are going to describe it. Spot the noun.

Think about the sentence ‘the ____ ladybird’. What adjectives would you like to write in the space. This is called a noun phrase because the adjective (describing word) comes before the noun (name). Practise interchanging the adjectives so you understand the structure of the noun phrase, and write as many as you can.

To really push yourself try using more than one adjective to join words e.g ‘the bright, beautiful butterfly’.





Today we are going to focus on half of amounts, I would like you to look at the teaching pirates to share fairly powerpoint to understand the importance of half being one of 2 equal amounts,  you can have a go practically first suing things you can find around the house eg lego, pasta or pencils and then have a go at drawing this.  Once you are confident have a go at the halving bees sheet.  See if you can create a similar problem for your mum/dad/carer.  Give them the whole number and ask them to find half – are there any halves we can not make?

Remember you need to be a fair and kind pirate – not one who keeps all the goodies to themself!!



I'm excited to have a go at the Reading activities this week! We have scavenger hunts, fun art activities to help with your reading and storytelling, an appearance from the Rainbow Fish, 'Once Upon a Picture' and more!


We can't wait to hear about the fun you have with reading this week!