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Using the adjectives, you created last week write a sentence using ‘and’ like below – e.g small and spotty – teaching point that the ‘and’ allows us to add extra information - not joining 2 simple sentences together!












There are some familiar faces on our reading activity today. I'm sure you all know who they are! 


We would love to know what the characters are thinking. Look at the expressions on their faces to help you!


 Today we are going to start on multiplicationThe next step on from counting in 2s, 5s, or 10s by route is identifying that this is in fact repeated addition. So that 2 add 2 add 2 is 6, which is the same as 2 x 3. This can then be physically represented in a couple of ways. The first of which is simple groupings, then arrays. This is when groups are organised into lines to easily identify the groups and amount of groups. 

Picture 1

Please see if you can find natural arrays in your house, or create your own using real life objects you can find in the house. Try to write the same type of number sentences to match your arrays. 



repeated addition 

Multiplication sentence. 


Have Fun!!!