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Today let's look at the text features.  in this story these include the text that is written in bold, italics, etc. 


Now discuss with your family why the author has used them.



Today we are going to look a little bit more at making the number 8 as it is believed that this is one of the trickier numbers to remember the bonds for.  Then I would like you to challenge someone in your house to a quick fire game of  "What Number Have I Made?"  You can either use practical resources or draw the pictures.  Remember the number needs to be between 6 and 9.  The person who wins is the one who guessed the most correctly in 1 minute.  Mr King and I played this game too, it was a lot of fun and he managed to beat me every time!  Well done Mr King!





How do the feelings of the characters change throughout the stories – what are the key events that change the characters feeling?  Create a river of their feelings

For example


Sad because                       happy because                  surprised because           angry because



Today let us look at the naughty friends o-e (oa)