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Wednesday 29th April




We have discussed how instructions need to be clear, concise and detailed.  If you need to then look back at the examples or the instructions, I gave you to plant a seed to see what some good instructions look like.  Now I would like you to look at the instructions that I have made and sort them into whether it is a clear, detailed instruction or not.  Use the table if you can to sort them.


Now you can say hello to DrinkBot, you are going to follow my instructions to see if they are clear or not, if not, see if you can correct them to make them more precise for him.



Click on the document below to see your reading challenge for today! 


 Today we are going to keep going with the Bar Model. One aspect of this model that can be a little tricky is children understanding where each piece of information in a problem fits within in the model.


For example, Knowing that the 12 in 12 - 6 is the whole and needs to be at the top of the model instead of next to the 6.


This understanding is crucial when solving problems independently. Later when we come to some more complex word problems children will need to be able to decipher what each piece of information in a problem is, a part or a the whole, therefore deciding if it is an addition or subtraction problem. 


So today there are some simple number problems to start working on this skill.