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Week 7 Summer Term 8th June

This week, we are continuing our seaside theme. Last week, we thought about what the beach might be like and some of the things that we might see, hear, touch, taste and feel there. This week, we continue to think about how to stay safe in the sun, as well as  exploring some of the things that we might do at the beach and, very importantly, how we can make sure to take care of our sea front and the animals that live there. Below are some traditional seaside past times and some stories about the sea.

Here are some tradition things we do at the beach: digging, flying kites, playing frisbee, rock pooling, building sandcastles and crabbing.

How to stay safe at the seaside!

CoastWise is a fun animated song for Children to sing and learn key safety tips.

How to Go Crabbing by Gone Crabbing

Crabbing -a traditional past time as the seaside but how do we do it? And how do we look after the sea creatures when we do?

Rock Pooling

What sort of sea life can you find at the beach? Have a look at all of the creatures that can be found in our rock pools.

A Whale's Tale | Hope Works

A whale helps smaller sea creatures who are trapped in plastic waste. On land, a young boy seeks support to clear the sea in his area.

What the LadyBird Heard at the Seaside.

Read aloud of What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks.

Wonderful Earth by Nick Butterworth & M. Inkpen

From the author of Percy the Park Keeper, ‘Wonderful Earth’ is a story from the Christian tradition about the Creation and the way we look after our planet.

A planet full of Plastic

Making ice lollies- with Mrs Wright

How to make your own kite