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Week Three wb 20th April 2020



Read Write Inc are currently posting daily phonics lessons on YouTube. They are covering the first  3 speed sound sets. 

Watch an interactive lesson and try to determine whether it is appropriate for your child. It may be worth spending a few days on a set as on one of the days they may be addressing a sound that your child has picked up from their reading books or missed. 


Here are the daily timings...

Set 1 - 9.30am
Set 2 - 10am
Set 3 - 10.30am

Please click the link below this to access these lessons.


The sessions are then available for 24 hours.


As well as the daily sessions there are some websites that are really trying hard to support parents with children's phonics development. One in particular is Phonics Play. It has been providing a free login and has recently updated its website with new interactive games for children to play. The children may recognise some of the games from school and do enjoy them!

There are also plenty of games you can play at home if you are secure in your pure sounds. Here are a few suggestions


Sound or tricky word snap - Same as normal snap with some home made cards and you have to say the word or sound if it is a snap instead of "snap."


Phonics Smash - Using something such as plastic cups that you don't mind getting spoilt. Write the sound or tricky words on the bottom. Firstly say a linked sound, or tricky word, and the player has to try and hit the cup as fast as possible. This can then be extended to sounding out words. For example if the word was snail the player would have to hit the cup s first then n, ai and finally l. See how many words you can do in 1 or 2 minutes.


Phonics Squirters - Again with homemade sounds or words squirt the sounds or extend to make words with a water pistol. You could use chalk on the fence, shed, path etc.


Finally it is always really useful to apply any new phonics knowledge by reading as much as possible or writing a short text where you know a recently learned sound or spelling can be included.


Have fun :)



Fun phonics games

P.E with Joe

PE for this week

If you search 'PE with Joe' on Youtube, you should find a video every week day from 23rd March. Some of you have already had a go at these PE lessons that you can do inside with no equipment.

Enjoy having a go together to have fun and stay healthy!