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Year 3

Y3 bubble isolation tasks (2 day plan Spring Term)

Y3 bubble isolation tasks (2 day plan Autumn Term)

Individuals self-isolating


If an individual is self- isolating due to Covid- 19, you can collect or we can post a work pack to you. 


These work packs will be for the previous year. So, Year 3 will be sent the Year 2 packs. This is to enable your child to work more independently on the tasks set and consolidate learning for the previous year. 


Please see the table below as to what your child should focus on (depending on which week they self-isolate) as a starting point as this links in with what they are learning in class. 


Year: 3




Reading and Foundation

7-18th December

  •  3 x tables and division facts
  • 4 x tables and division facts  
  • X Tables
  • Division
  • inverted commas for direct speech
  • present and future tense verbs
  • conjunctions
  • contractions possessive apostrophe
  • subordinating conjunctions; because, if, when to join and begin

^O_____, ____________________ .

  • apostrophe for contractions

Please choose a reading text each day and have a go at the questions.


Complete as much of the foundation work as you can in the afternoon.

Individual Self-isolating Work Books