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A mix of additional resources

P.E Workouts

Each day, Joe Wicks is releasing a half hour workout plan for children to do at home. Here is the first. As a staff team, we are doing these every day; maybe you could do the same?

Art - Sketching

Like Jo Wicks, everyday Mo Willems is running a sketching tutorial that he is calling LUNCH DOODLES! All you need is a pen/penicl, some paper and some imagination. Send some of your pictures to us via email when you're done!

Thinking Outside The Box

Problem solving is incredibly important! Alex Horne is the Taskmaster(s assistant) and he is trying to make self isolating and social distancing more fun with his series called HomeTasking, based around Mr Bird's favorite TV show, Taskmaster! He will be uploading 3 challenges a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) for you and your family to go at it! You can be any age and you don't even need to leave the house!

Science Experiments

If you want to create some WOW moments home, have a go at some of these experiments. Each one of them uses things you are likely to have at home and they are sure to get your children excited and interest by science!