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In PE we complete lots of different sports like the rest of the school.  We approach PE in a way that we are looking at the life skills that can be taught and we reflect these back to the children to help them develop their understanding of themselves, their bodies and their actions.


We use traditional games as a particular tool for learning as the shared experiences the children have will help them to understand 'play' skills and these can be used as another way for them to reflect.


40/40in is a favourite for the class as they get to hide and use their tactics to try and reach the home base before the person who is the catcher.  This game involves a lot of patience for whoever is hiding, and whoever is catching, as the children have to work tactically to try and win. 

Once someone is seen it is then a race to the winners post and the famous line of "40/40 in/out...(with their name)".  These short bursts of speed help the children's fitness to develop and they are always keen to beat their opponent.  An important part of this game is then the waiting for the game to finish.  The children have to be patient while they wait for all players and also need to be tolerant of how other players may be feeling.  I know after reading this you will be reminiscing about when you have played this game.  Why not go and play it again?