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Reading at Vigo Primary School


At Vigo Primary School we foster a love of books and reading.  We recongise that reading is not only an important life skill that children need to be confident in, but that reading can, and should, be a fun pasttime too.


As developing readers pupils at Vigo are encouraged to refine their decoding skills through the use of scheme books which are colour banded according to word reading difficulty.  The books we provide come from a variety of trusted and recommended school scheme book providers including Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cat, ProjectX, Treetops and the Pearson Bug Club range, in addition to these there are also non-scheme 'real' books available to read within many of the book bands.


Once children are confident at decoding and can apply a range of reading strategies beyond their phonic understanding, such as knowledge of route words, context and excpetion words, we offer non-banded 'hoot books'.

Hoot Books

Hoot books are typically offered to our KS2 children and include an assortment of books from differing reading levels and a variety of scheme and 'real' books written by favourite fiction authors as well as some great non-fiction titles too.

The scheme books included within the 'hoot books' range were previously referred to as copper, topaz, ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond and pearl book bands, whilst the non scheme books include easier to read and dyslexia friendly texts as well as lengthier children's novels. 

We hope that the children will enjoy the responsibility and freedom of being able to self-select their home reading books, making choices based not only on their individual reading skill level but also their personal interests and knowledge of authors.

Reading these books is bound to be a hoot!


Book Bands


The documents below give guidance on each of the book bands and also have some questions and discussion point ideas for adults when reading with their children.